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Dallas Texas Water Quality

You may not be thinking much about the quality of your water in Dallas, Texas but you absolutely should be. Contaminants in your water are nothing to take lightly. Chemicals that make their way into your water can damage your waterline, harm your health, and make it much harder to utilize the water in your home effectively. Some of the most common water problems in Dallas are things like hard water and chloramines. Hard water is water that contains trace minerals that are unwanted and it can cause a lot of issues around your home. Chloramines are disinfectants that are used to make water safe to drink, which, at high levels, can have negative effects on the drinker.

Your water quality can have a very big effect on your home and health. Poor water quality and common water problems can make it harder to properly clean, have effects on the way you feel physically, and cause damage to your home. Good water quality is something every Dallas homeowner should be concerned with. Fortunately, Paragon Water has a solution. We provide high-efficiency products to filter your water and make it healthier and safer to use in your home or business. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the benefits of a home water filter. Read on to learn more and get a quote today!

Common Water Problems in Dallas, Texas

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As mentioned above, there are a couple of common water problems that occur often in Dallas, Texas. One of these issues is hard water. Hard water is very common all throughout the country. It occurs when certain trace minerals appear too much in your water. Hard water can have many effects on your health and home. If you have hard water in your home or business, there are a couple of things you may have noticed. For example, hard water often leads to the development of scale buildup on your appliances or plumbing fixtures. It can also cause your skin and hair to become dry and irritated. Dry water can lead to faded clothes from the laundry and stained tubs and sinks. If you’re having to make frequent plumbing repairs or are noticing a rise in your water bills or your dishes are still looking dirty and filmy after they have been washed, you may have hard water. Hard water can have big effects on your quality of life and the health of your plumbing.

Another common water problem in Dallas is the presence of chloramines. The purpose of chloramines is to disinfect water and make it safe to drink. This sounds like a good thing but high levels can have some adverse effects on your health. For an example of this, consider the presence of chlorine in a pool. Chlorine serves the same purpose as chloramines but is much more concentrated and not safe to drink. Similarly, you don’t want the chloramines in your water to reach a level that is too high. Chloramines are difficult to filter out of water. It can irritate skin and eyes at high levels and sometimes has a harsh taste or odor. Chloramines can cause issues in the kidneys of people on dialysis and can be toxic to fish and aquatic animals. It can also cause damage to your plumbing by corroding metal pipes. These common water problems are things to look out for.

How a Whole-Home Water Filtration System Can Help

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You may think an above-the-sink water filtration system is sufficient but a whole-home water filtration system is much more effective. They work for your entire house and are designed to work in tandem with the filtration system that already exists in your home to better remove chemicals and contaminants from your water. This ensures the water in your home or business is as pure as possible and of the highest quality. They are very beneficial to your home. One benefit of a whole-home water filtration system is that it can treat any odor that may be coming from your sink or plumbing fixtures. The smell is often caused by sulfur that has gotten into the water. Your filtration system can take care of this. Iron is also a common contaminant in water and can cause water to have a metallic taste and can even cause water to turn rust-colored. A whole-home water filtration system can keep these contaminants out of your water.

Whole-home water filtration systems are also very good for the environment. They lessen the need for bottled water and therefore keep plastic out of the landfill.

A whole-home water filtration system is also apt to help you save money on plumbing repairs. Pollutants passing through your pipes can cause the pipes to degrade over time. They also cause your appliances such as your washer or dishwasher to have to work harder. If left unchecked, hard water and contaminants can cause enough damage to your pipes that they will need to be replaced. Installing a whole home water filtration system can help you avoid this.

Finally, your skin and hair will thank you for installing a whole-home water filtration system. Pollutants that get into our water, such as chlorine, can cause serious irritation to your skin and hair. Over time, this can cause issues such as hair loss. You can save your hair and skin by installing a whole-home filtration system.

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Soft Water Benefits

Hard water can cause a lot of problems but what are the benefits of soft water? There are many soft water benefits that you can utilize if you invest in a product that works to soften water. First, soft water will save you money. Soft water allows your water heater to work more efficiently which will save you money on your utility bills. You will also need to use less soap and other cleaning agents with soft water which will save you money on cleaning products. Your clothes will last longer with soft water so you will save money by having to replace them less often. You will also save money on plumbing repairs with soft water. Soft water also helps your body feel better. Your hair and skin will be less dry, your dishes will get cleaner easier, and your plumbing fixtures will function better.

How Paragon Water Can Help

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Paragon Water offers several products that can help soften water and get contaminants out of your water. One of these products is our Downflow Water Softener Series. Our Downflow Water Softener Series uses downflow technology to provide premium cation resin media. Downflow water softener systems are straightforward. They bring water into the tank through an upper basket and then force it to flow down through the filter and into a lower basket. The filtered water will then flow back up through the riser tube, out of the tank, and into your pipes.

You can also utilize our Upflow Water Softener Series. An upflow water softener series works by allowing water to flow through an upper basket and down through a riser tube in the middle of the tank. The water reaches the bottom of the riser tube and then goes through a lower basket. It will then swirl upward through the filter. The rounded tank bottom of the system is what allows the system to work.

Our filter and softener combo series combines the best of both worlds in providing the benefits of a water softener and a carbon filter. These systems work well to protect the environment, generate zero waste, and require no electricity to operate. They can help soften your water and get you the soft water benefits you want.

Your water quality is something you should be concerned about. Poor water quality can have a whole host of adverse effects on your health and home. The benefits of a home water filter cannot be overstated. They help the environment, your home, can save you money, and protect your health from the negative effects of hard water and water contaminants. Water in Dallas has unique contaminants. You need to be aware of the quality of your water in Dallas. Things like hard water and chloramines can have big effects on your plumbing and health. If left unchecked, your plumbing will wear down as will your clothes, dishes, and hair and skin. You can mitigate these problems by investing in a home water filter system, such as the products offered by Paragon Water. They are worth the investment.

Paragon Water values the people of Dallas. We know how important good quality water is to our way of life. We want everyone to have access to good quality, soft water. If you want to utilize the benefits of a home water filter system, you will find the best with Paragon Water. We offer quality, water filtration products that will help keep your pipes in good condition and lower your utility bills. Don’t wait to get high-quality water in Dallas. Request a quote from Paragon Water today!

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