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What is a Water Softener?

By removing the calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals from water, it becomes “softer”. We will go over the primary components of a water softener, how it works, and the benefits it offers.

Paragon H2O water feels better and can save you up to $480 per year.

Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

Water Softener Overview

A water softener is made up of three primary components:

  • Control Valve – determines when regeneration is necessary, the direction of water flow, and the amount of time spent in each cycle
  • Pressure Tank – holds the resin that exchanges sodium for hardness minerals and is under water line pressure
  • Salt Tank or Cabinet – holds the salt that makes the brine solution used to regenerate the softening resin
Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

How Does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener removes calcium and magnesium through a process called ion exchange:

  • Untreated water flows through a bed of sodium-charged softening resin contained in a pressure tank
  • Hardness ions attach to the resin, exchanging with the harmless sodium ions
  • Eventually, the resin contains only hardness minerals and has to be regenerated
  • The control valve monitors water usage and determines when to regenerate
  • The resin is backwashed to rinse away impurities
  • A strong brine solution is then drawn through the bed and hardness ions are exchanged for sodium ions
  • The hardness ions are then rinsed to the drain
  • The softener is now ready to soften again
Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

Soft Water Benefits

Paragon H2O products save you money

  • Natural gas and electric water heaters cost up to $100/year more to operate with hard water
  • Decreasing soap and cleaning product use by 50 percent saves as much as $90/year
  • Damaged clothing and fabric due to poor laundering can cost as much as $200/year
  • Damage to plumbing and appliances can cost as much as $90/year
Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

Soft water feels better

  • Spot-free and film-free dishes and glassware
  • Uses 75 percent less soap
  • Cleaner, brighter, softer laundry
  • No hard water rings in sinks and tubs
  • Soft skin and silky hair

Whole Home Healthy Water Products From Paragon Water

  • Downflow Water Softener Series - Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System

    Downflow Water Softener Series

    Economy Model

    The water softener must regenerate once the resin bed becomes saturated with calcium & magnesium ions – recharging the bed once again with sodium ions.

    In downflow brining, we lose approx. 18% of our brine just from dilution in the freeboard and the size of the downflow injectors. Reference: Michaud C. (2002)

    Downflow water softeners wash all the hardness & other debris through the clean portion of the bed – requiring it to be regenerated.

    Learn More
  • Upflow Water Softener Series - Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System

    Upflow Water Softener Series

    High-Efficiency Water Softener System

    Reverse Flow Regeneration preserves an unused portion of softening bed from unnecessary exchange saving salt. ‘Supercharged’ bottom portion prevents slippage for softer, consistent quality.

    Precision Brining calculates the exact amount of brine required to regenerate, saving up to 30% more salt.

    Learn More
  • Whole Home Water Treatment System - Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System

    Whole Home Water Treatment System

    High-Efficiency Water Softening & Filtration Combo System

    These one-of-a-kind combination systems offer the same high-quality product water of having separate softener and filter units in a space-saving, one-unit design. The Paragon Combo Series will remove hardness, bad taste and odor caused by chlorine, chloramines or organic matter.

    • Pay for one unit instead of two
    • Save Salt, Water, & Money
    • Lower Upfront Costs
    Learn More

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