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Water Contaminants in Dallas-Fort Worth

Contaminants Found in DFW Above Health Guidelines

Two of the most frequent issues that are common when discussing contaminants in Dallas-Fort Worth’s water supply are hardness and the presence of chloramines.

Water contaminants in Dallas-Fort Worth are nothing that should be taken likely. There could be chemicals in your drinking supply that are not only doing damage to your water lines, but might also be posing a risk to the health of everyone in your home. Learn more about water contaminants below and come to Paragon H2O for your water system needs. Get yours today!


Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

What is hard water?

Hard water, in simple terms, is water that contains unwanted trace minerals. The level of these minerals in your supply is an indicator of your water quality. A vast majority of the country is supplied with hard water, which is why filtration systems are so crucial to every home. Texas, in particular, has moderate to very hard water across the state. This can cause cloudiness when you pour a glass to drink, issues feeling clean when showering, and even impact the effectiveness of your washing machine. Hard water can also be severely detrimental to your plumbing fixtures due to mineral buildup.

Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

What are chloramines?

Chloramines are disinfectants that are used to treat drinking water and make it safe to drink. You may understand the general concept from the use of chlorine in swimming pools — it is the same general idea, but one is far more concentrated and not suited for drinking. They provide long-lasting disinfection and help ensure that the water that you ingest and utilize in your home isn’t going to make you sick. However, high levels of chloramines in the drinking supply can have adverse effects for consumers.

Both of these issues are frequently found to be above the level for general health guidelines in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is why it is important for your well-being to invest in a water filtration system that will help soften your water and clear out high levels of chloramines. Find out more about how these systems can help you.

Contaminants Found in DFW Above Legal Limits

Once the severity of hard water in the Dallas-Fort Worth supply or the level of chloramines becomes too high, it not only violates health standards, but it becomes a legal problem. Cities are obligated to provide their populations with water that is potable, so allowing their supply to be contaminated is a big problem.

The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that all water standards must be based on sound science in order to precedent potential health risks to the population. There is, however, a level of vagueness when it comes to the discrepancy between what is deemed “legal” versus what is “safe.” Many of the laws that regulate water quality across the nation are outdated and haven’t been adjusted in many years. This means that certain chemical and mineral levels could have fluctuated over time and might not be either legal nor safe.

Once again, the issue of hard water — a buildup of many different minerals that affect the supply — and levels of chloramines are of the biggest concern of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Ensuring that you have a water filtration system that is effective and reliable is important, because the law might not be regulating your supply correctly. Our systems will ensure that the water you bathe in, use on your lawn, and drink, are all purified. Don’t risk your safety by trusting anything that comes out of your tap — trust in Paragon to make sure of it.

Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

Total Contaminants Detected

Thankfully, the water supply in Dallas-Fort Worth generally tests under the health and legal limits. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take measures to clear out the contaminants that might still exist, such as:

  • Acetone
  • Atrazine
  • Bromochloroacetic acid
  • Bromodichloromethane
  • Bromoform
  • Chloroform
  • Dibromoacetic acid
  • Dibromochloromethane
  • Dichloroacetic acid
  • Monobromoacetic acid
  • Monochloroacetic acid
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Simazine
  • And more
Paragon Water - Best Water Softener System Near Me

Historically, the most recent culprit that rose above the local health limits in the water supply was trichloroacetic acid — that situation has since been addressed and the public was notified. Dallas-Fort Worth’s drinking water has tested positive for chromium-6 in the past. Even in low quantities, this chemical is known to be cancerous. Fortunately, high-quality water filtration systems like RO units are able to remove it effectively.

These levels can fluctuate frequently, which is why you should invest in an efficient and effective water filtration system for your home. Fortunately, Paragon H2O offers a variety of systems that can help keep your supply potable and generally clear from trace minerals.

How Paragon Water Systems Can Prevent Water Contamination

Paragon Water is the premier source for water softening systems in Texas. We provide our customers with cutting-edge water softening technology that they just can’t get from competitors.

We offer only the best when it comes to water filtration. Trust in our systems and ensure that your home’s water is clean.

Find a Solutions

Don’t spend another minute of your life using and consuming water that has contaminants that could have a negative impact on your health. Make sure that if you are looking for a filtration system in Texas that you are working with an experienced company that knows what it takes to effectively and efficiently clean your water.

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    In downflow brining, we lose approx. 18% of our brine just from dilution in the freeboard and the size of the downflow injectors. Reference: Michaud C. (2002)

    Downflow water softeners wash all the hardness & other debris through the clean portion of the bed – requiring it to be regenerated.

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